Tuesday, 5 July 2011

DSi Ware: Soul of Darkness Review

As a result of only being able to add £10 at a time into the 3DS shop I had some spare money to buy games with. This game caught my eye as I had previously enjoyed Castlevania games which Soul of Darkness is very similar to,  I had also read a review online which was positive.

Firstly, the good points about the game. Whilst it is a copy of the Castlevania style it is at least a good one, with decent gameplay. The graphics are nice with good style but are nothing special. The game also contains an interesting weapon skill system where weapons can be upgraded using collected 'soul shards'.
The reason the 'positives' paragraph is so short is not because of my own laziness, it is unfortunately just a poor game.
There is just no depth to the game. Whilst the weapons system is interesting there are only two weapons in the entire game that can only be upgraded to three levels. There was a great opportunity to give options to the player in regards to the weapons they use, but to offer just two is really lazy. There is also no real difficulty in the game. If you die, you start at the beginning of the section you were at which is not much of a bother given how small the levels are. Hard mode might as well not exist as it is identical to the normal game but with about two extra enemies a level.
To top it all off what is basically a game that a cheap mobile phone could run costs roughly £4, I wish I did not buy it.