Sunday, 22 May 2011

Arsenal 2010/2011 Season

Today is the end of the Premier League season and as an Arsenal fan it has been another very disappointing one. Three months ago we were competing in all four competitions and looking likely to end the five year wait for a trophy. Three months later, we haven't won anything and are just hanging on to fourth place in the league. What went wrong? It seems that we just don't have a strong enough squad to compete in every competition for a whole year, key players are constantly getting injured meaning even younger players have to step in to fill the gaps. This is very evident amongst our defenders this year, we were never going to win a trophy with defending like that (The Carling Cup final is an obvious example but I don't really want to remember that).

Looking forward to next season and it is clear that the manager Arsene Wenger has got to get some experienced players in to the team. The five years of experimenting with a purely young squad have not produced any trophies, for a club like Arsenal this must change.
Not everything is looking so negative though, whilst we might have to go through
another summer of Fabregas loyalty indecision; the club is in a more that good enough financial position to fund any team changes. So, hopefully by next September I can look forward to a season where Arsenal play their good football  all season round, have a solid defence, and actually win a trophy.


  1. its okay they will bounce back!

  2. hope for better next time...never say never, there's always a chance next time

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  3. well hey..they didnt sack the manager haha
    Has to suck for Chelsea