Tuesday, 7 June 2011

3DS System Update

A really nice update from Nintendo today, finally have access to the 3DS shop and more importantly, the internet browser (I'm writing this using said browser). So far the shop is pretty empty with only 3 old Game Boy games on offer, one of them being a tennis game I remember playing years ago. I'm looking forward to seeing games I didn't get a chance to play before appear in the shop.

I'm finding the browser to be useful and since it's faster than the browser on my phone I will probably be using it quite a lot. I can see the browser becoming very useful when I'm stuck in the middle of playing a game and need a guide or need to read a review of a game found in the shop as software can be paused and the browser launched in the meantime.
Also, a couple of presents from Nintendo in the form of a free game, Excitebike, and a 3D Pokedex.

 They are nice although unspectacular, probably something to make up for the two month wait for this update.
The big Nintendo news will be coming later today at E3, I'll be making a post of my initial thoughts on that later.