Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Wii U

Well, I'm impressed. The rumours about the control for Nintendo's next console were true, It has a six and half inch screen in its centre. It allows for some new and interesting methods of control and will enhance games at least in some small ways.

 The videos of games in HD graphics look very impressive and are on par with current HD consoles. It's exciting to see the kind of games that appear on other consoles as well as the classic Nintendo games on one console, HD Zelda looked amazing.

This is only a brief comment after watching the presentation and there is a ton of 3DS stuff I will get through when I've got a bit more time.


  1. The HD graphics is amazing!
    Definitely the next generation of games.

  2. Looks awfully hard to hold imo.

  3. I'll be getting one for sure. Followed!

  4. I'm more exited about the 3ds lineup!